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We’re back with another quick transformational video.

We’re sharing something today that’s a little different than what we’ve shared previously.

This clip is taken from a 1:1 session of Michael with a client; therefore, we call it a “Raw Transformation” video as it is happening live and completely unscripted.

In this video, Michael explains to his client (and to all of us) the challenge of growing up with a parent who did not know how to be a worthy parent. He gives us insight on how to become a worthy parent to the children in our lives (including our own inner child).

Self-reflection questions:

What is demonizing?

Why is the feeling of being “less than” incorrect?

What does a good parent see a child as?

How does a worthy parent respond when a child does something that’s beneath her or him?

Can you think of times in your youth where you were demonized? Looking back, are you able to see how others did unto you what was done onto them, what they learned to do unto themselves? Does knowing that the situation wasn’t about you, but was really about them, change your optics on what happened?

How can you continue to support your inner child (and the children in your life) with what this video shed light on?


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