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ART2ESSENCE is the name of our unique non-clinical Art Therapy program offerings. It represents the process through which art connects us with our true essence; the being that we truly are. Whether we are struggling with addictions, or wish to become a facilitator to assist those who are, we are all in our own ways, struggling. We can use the restorative powers of the creative process in our lives (and later, in the lives of others) to address shadows and bring the light to the truth of our beingness – our essence.

Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity is therapeutic. Studies show that expressing our emotions through art can help us address our past hurts, as well as build a beautiful foundation for our future, going forward.

Rewire Thoughts & Habits

Changing old habits and thought patterns only happens when we replace them with new ones. Our program is designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you, empowering you with new ways of being.

Relax Your System

The flow state that is achieved through artistic pursuits has been shown to be healthy in relaxing our nervous system. A relaxed nervous system is where healing happens!



Two online options – choose which is right for you. 

Art Therapy for Substance Use Recovery “Art2Essence Course”

Non-Clinical Art Therapy “Art2Essence Certified Training Program – Level 1”

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Jane Beese, Ph.D. created this program in honor of her son, Jacob Beese, who passed away due to substance use and addiction.


Dr. Jane Beese earned her Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration from
The University of Akron in 2008. Prior to that, she completed a Master of Education in
Music Education K-12 at Case Western Reserve University in 1999 and a Bachelor of
Arts in Music Performance and History and Literature at The University of Akron in

Dr. Beese has been teaching at Youngstown State University since 2012, where she
instructs graduate-level courses in areas such as Organizational Leadership and
Change, Culturally Responsive Leadership, and Educational Research Methods. Her
teaching career includes roles at The University of Akron and teaching Early Childhood

In leadership positions, Dr. Beese serves as the Program Director for Educational
Administration and Leadership Programs at Youngstown State University, overseeing
program growth, curriculum development, and accreditation efforts. She previously
served as the Assistant Director at the Barker Center for Education at The University of
Akron, where she developed programs in Economic Education and managed various

Dr. Beese has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and books, conducted
external program evaluations, and received accreditation for several educational

Dr. Beese holds various certificates, including licensure in music education and
certifications in Kodaly, Orff Schulwerk, Art Therapy, and Therapeutic Art Coaching.
Dr. Beese is the mother of Jacob, for whom the art program was created. She turned to
working with addiction because of the loss of her son and the power of art to aid in the
healing process.


To assist as many people as possible in their recovery from substance use and addiction, through our Art2Essence Programs and Courses.

To educate those who wish to assist others on their substance use  recovery journey, through training in Non-Clinical Art Therapy.


Here's a few words students used to describe their experience in the Art Therapy program:

Relax, in tune, thankful, relaxing, therapeutic, relieving, enjoyable, fun, experience, expressive, freedom, peace


I really enjoyed the experience. The patience the teacher has is amazing. I love the art class!

Testimonial #1 Anonymous student in recovery

Meditation before helps clear the mind.

Testimonial #2 Anonymous student in recovery

I never realized I could draw so well. It inspires me to want to draw more. It also relaxes me and calms me down.

Testimonial #3 Anonymous student in recovery

Best class I've ever taken. I feel like I can be myself while also gaining new artistic abilities.

Testimonial #4 Anonymous student in recovery

This is my safe space to express myself and I feel accepted.

Testimonial #5 Anonymous student in recovery



    If you would like more support, Michael Sayre, Th.M. offers counseling. Feel free to email us at contact@centrefortransformation.org.


    Counseling can help people who are looking for help with children, adolescents, stress, relationships, motherhood, creative parenting interventions, life transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, grief/bereavement, substance abuse, communication, caregiving, terminal illness, career counseling and more.

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