Centre for Transformation - Art2Essence

The Program

What you can expect in this program

There are 6 modules. Modules contain:

  • A Video Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Connection to Art Teaching
  • A Quiz to Check Your Understanding
  • Session work you would do with clients:
  • Intro
  • Breathwork Practice
  • Meditation
  • Art Lesson
  • Assignment
  • ¬†Group Share
  • Weekly Focus and Journal
  • Closing Prayer

Additional Materials and Resources

Art2Essence offers
Non-Clinical Art Therapy Training

What does this mean? Read on to find out.

Some States and Countries require a Masters or Doctorate level education to practice Clinical Art Therapy. Therefore, the program we offer is Non-Clinical in nature. This is an important distinction. Graduates from our program are ART2ESSENCE practitioners, NOT Art Therapists. Jane Beese, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Art Therapy. Therefore, our online program for people recovering from substance abuse can constitute as Art Therapy, but this program cannot confer that status onto its students. The creative process is therapeutic in nature, but those of us who have not completed Art Therapy certification at the higher education/University Level cannot use the professional designation of Art Therapist.

Learn New Skills & Assist Others

Learn best practices for assisting others on their transformational journey. Receive expert guidance from Jane Beese, PhD. and Michael Sayre, Th.M.

Young Black immigrant sitting at table writing something on handmade educational English language poster during lesson

6 Modules where you learn techniques and how to facilitate Art2Essence sessions with clients. Multimedia lessons are engaging and informative!

6 weeks worth of lesson plans to lead your clients through a path of artistic growth.

Additional resources and opportunities for further professional development are presented.

Live Zoom Calls

Are you interested in talks on transformation?

Join the Centre for Transformation’s group Live Zoom calls. The calls are free and include time for questions and answers. More information about these calls can be found below.

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